"Hi, I'm Raine, and I play music. Is that good? Great.


Just kidding! Hey folks, I'm the guitarist and singer for Madtown Get Down and a few other bands. Many people know me as a guitarist, but what really got me kickstarted in music was writing. I pride myself as a singer songwriter. I have participated in local Madison events like "Chick Singer Night," been interviewed on a music series "Fierce Female Artists," and have been featured in a newspaper, "Women in the Round." That's a lot of fiery female fierceness I suppose, and I am happy to be a part of the women's arts community, however, its not the only thing I aspire to do. I won two MAMA awards in 2016; my song Perspective won song of the year and they recognized my guitar playing and I received an award for that as well. I'm honored to have worked with credible musicians such as Beth Kille and Jimmy Voegeli. Putting aside credentials however, the music is what matters. I'm happy to be part of this funky fresh music group Madtown Get Down because it's full of fun, experienced, and creative musicians. Madison, get ready to rock... and dance!"